Lord of the rings online

Mordor is announced. Pre-purchase starts now, launching is July 21 (or Jul. 31). There are three packages, 130, 50 and 40 $ worth. Top one rewards with some shared inventory slots, titles, mounts, relics…and 30 days of VIP status. All advertise “over 300 quests”, instance(s) and raid.

High elf is purchased separately. Price – 1000 Lotro points. Price of expansion is 2495 Lotro points. It’s 2500 less than I epected (I thought they would follow Helms Deep and charge some 4995).

Yet the devil is in details. Those who preorder or are VIPs, would enjoy Mordor since its launch. Those who have LP only, would have to wait untill December.

Which splits community into two parts. Well, Nazi-type society: Master race and sub-humans. Free players still do not have badge “F2P” like they had Jew badge – but who knows? Right now, free players are treated like trash. Once again – like one war-time sign in Belarus: There water is only for Germans. You are legit player, yet can’t enjoy content.

Kinnies in Kinship chat (silent, topo much time it is silent except “hi”, “back”, “wb”) keep telling levelling may be easy, getting gear – not. And crafting is almost impossible. And killing monsters too.

Add this to divided community – you will get me being really upset (and well, NOT having anybody to talk to). I may be ok even with hard content, but I am not ok into creating “Master race”.

I still question myself – is it worth even to enter Mordor? No, I don’t care for cinematic (movie was better). No, I no longer read quest texts, I jusk skip them. Yes, we do know what happened in Mordor.  Crafting? Almost impossible. Slaying? Extremely hard. Exploration? Extremely hard, since you may stay alive on roads only. New race? Do not care, satisfied with Human/Dwarf.

I am alone, upset and abandoned. Game is just empty, without future, just a bunch of lame fanboys screaming around content is not hard. Why there is no game that could remind Lotro in terms of paying model and story?

Untill festival ends, I still have activity. After Mordor, I won’t have it: festival would be over, almost nobody will be doing FI and elitists would be screaming how easy things are.
Right now i can do things. Took part in festival. Helped one lvl.67 Hunter with Northcotton farm (yes, my Minstrel nuked everyrthing).

The future is pure darkness without any light. Days are starting to be really grumpy in Lotro. Sieg heil to your Master-race, SSG, sieg heil.