Lord of the rings online

I love Evendim. Even if it means Everswim – it’s beautifull and inviting. Yesterday Vilnius reminded one Evendim: streets turned into rivers, public transport stopping, those that went – late up to 50 minutes, rain and lightning. Got home late, got little time to play. So much about swimming.

In Lotro: Naktieskarys farmed festival tokens. I will need another Anfalas crystal, many of them after Mordor comes. Vytautaz ran quests, was succesfull in fishing (got Starry Flounder on each toon!), bartered for first Anfalas crystal. Would be nice additionn too.

Unfortunately, did not make it into Featured instance. Not sure about how many scrolls would I need: would 100 be enough for one toon? Somebody told about 70 – is it for one LI or both?

Talked in Kinship chat about Mordor, untill one kinnie asked not to spoil details. These are spoiled all over the web – but let it be. Then, one player reminded me I stood in her line of sight while fishing. Apologised – and I really must be more carefull next time.

And so the day has ended. So far I have enough activities to be busy: Featured instance (the best – on all 3 toons), festival (on 2 toons) or helping others if they need help. Just not sure what would happen when Summer festival ends…