Lord of the rings online

Featured instance this week – Lost Temple. This is a real refreshment for me. Ran on Stormsong with random group and on Naktieskarys – with Kinship. Kinship run was pure joy, we did everything quickly and efficiently. Having our Sith-Rune keeper made many things one-shotted. I enjoyed my AoE. Loot was some ANfalas scrolls and Universal solvent.
Stormsong managed to die from some debuff one time. Looted Anfalas scrolls and various trash.

Naktieskarys finally got last needed Anfalas starlit crystal. Now, his Grumpy Rune has everything, just need some LI xp runes to max it. Of course, catching 1 rare fish (2 tokens) helped me too.

Had no time to log in Vytautaz.

This week promises to be good. I may log all 3 toons, loot valuable Anfalas scrolls. Almost everything else is a trash: war materials, crafting journals, essences, equipment. If crafting journal boxes could stack, would be great: but they don’t.

On official forums somebody posted Mordor boots. Some mediocre-level statuse and +10 “Light of Earendill”. Well, I would really laugh when at post-Mordor region all these lights becomes trash. Developers do not think ahead. Now we are near Mordor, tomorrow – at Mordor, after that – say, SHire and Saruman’s yoke. Would Shire be dark, grumpy and will this “Earendill light” be of any use? Nope.

Not sure about Mordor, there is almost no activity on our server – sometimes it is like giant siesta in Southern countries: there are people in town, yet you won’t see anyone. Festival is a salvation, I can grind stuff there, be it new steed (ugly one…) or Anfalas crystal.

Secret World legends

Did not play. Only now noticed 2 comments on moderation…and these were helpfull. Approved, of course (I approve all comments, except spam), will read and try to survive.

Dear SWL developers, please lessen amounts of quests where only mouse and internet speeds are relevant. It is not fun, you know. having to avoid security cameras – yes. Solve solvable puzzles – yes. Going on carnage – of course! Making choices – would be perfect (like: kill this wounded Illuminati for 5000 xp and Big Shiny Rifle or treat this wounded Illuminati for 50 xp and Superior Shiny Armour)/

And so the day has ended. I almost lost interes in FF-14, stopped with SWL…but may return to Secret world after that cursed mission. Oh, and have to redress my half-naked toon…I thought it to be temporaly one…

Overall – so far things are good in Lotro, promising in SWL and not-so-shiny in FF-14.