Lord of the rings online

Summer festival goes well – Naktieskarys is making run for last neeed Anfalas crystal. Fishing is pure RNG, sometimes really good, sometimes awfull. What happens after that Anfalas? Would grind for more Anflas, just for post-Mordor.

Stormsong did nothing, just farmed Barrows, declining cold invitations to fellowship. I was not sure how long would I be there, all I needed were Mathoms. Then some player contacted me, I thought he was dissatisfied that I was killing monsters. I left, he told me I did not understand. Hmm…
Managed to help one player with grumpy Moria. At least some use from me. Also, donated crafting materials looted from Barrows.

Vytautaz started festival grind for Anfalas crystals. Same few quests near Party tree, then fishing.

All chats were empty. Talked with ex-kinnie. He is – as always was – wise and listening to others. Understands my frustrations and doubts about Mordor. Tells some more details about Mordor (not too bright…), then explains about his new Kinship. His advice – start a new toon, he suggests Burglar.

Which was done. XBurglar was born, Human female. Medium armour user, prefered weapons – daggers. Absolutely no ranged weapons. Up to lvl.8 – only three melee attacks (red trait tree) + 2 special attacks + 1 good melee long-cooldown attack. Of course, Stealth mode since lvl.1 and deed to use it.
Burglar should go near enemy, strike from the shadows, but I felt I was just doomed to really slowly play. Run, execute attacks, hope for critical chance. If critical chance, you may execute one special attack; if that attack succeeds and enemy is alive, feel free to execute second. I managed to finish intro, get to Ered Luin, kill 30 wolves…and then my patience just exhausted. Sorry, I wasn’t able to play such slow way.Toon deleted.

However, I gained experience with Hunter, Burglar and now can judge about their playstyle.

Secret World Legends

Just got stuck. I ran questing, killing monsters (rifle really destroys groups of monsters)…untill ran to Kingsmouth mining museum. Quest redirected me to dungeon of museum. FIrst surveilance cam, I have to avoid it and turn it off. Ok, done. Next room – camera again. It has 3 sectors it see with small security islands. Each sector lasts 4 seconds (maybe 4,5). It is enough to go from “island” A to “island” B and even climb near to camera: it is impossible to move further.

I got killed and killed. Disliked it really much. Asked for help – initially it was silence, then one grumpy person told – “go and kill yourself”. Second time I got similiar answers, like “it’s doable, just move”. Only one person, probably of Polish ancestry – Alycya – tried her best to aid me, but this time I had to leave game and rush for real-life stuff.

Getting really annoyed. Always hated quests where your mouse sensitivity and internet connection decided if you will win or lose. Community is of little help, no guides/wikis – you are left without any clue to face impossible quest.


Abd so weekend has ended. Lotro is going quite good, I am collecting crystals and hopefully would run Featured instance this week. SWL, unfortunately, is a candidate for uninstalling.