Lord of the rings online

I was wrong about Mordor. Information – I interpreted it in a wrong way. Explaining: one day folks told me statuses would be down to 20% after lvl.106. I thought that every status higher than 20% (be it 21 or 99) would be nerfed to 20% and I will lose much of hard-earned stuff. It turned out there is some combat status when instead of 30% chance I will have 23% chance. I.e. – no nerfing, just a small, insignificant decrease. Rumours are, monster drop armour at lvl.106 would be better than any current. For me, it could mean – if I am ever to enter Mordor, I must powerlevel and be lvl.115 before entering.
Doubts about that “drop armour”. Very unclear about “Shadow instances”. I tried to talk about Mordor in World chat – that I see no argument to purchase it, when one played sniffed like “oh no, someone starting doom about Mordor”. I was not telling ir rose or black colours, I was just expressing my thoughts. And my thoughts were: there are no logical argument for me to purchase Mordor. If that player had – he was free to tell, I do surrender to logic.

World chat was empty, nobody needed help, Trade chat was full of “WTS…” and nobody responded. I am trying to trade my Tome of Will 1 to other tome – so far no responses.

Naktieskarys was the main active. Did festival deeds, having some 20 tokens. Today will grind remaining 10 and get third Anfalas crystal. This system is pure salvation for me, whoever thought about that had really good understanding on game.

Mordor is leaving me in hard thoughts. It is a hard region, forced-fellowship, maybe even forced raid one with enemies hard to kill and resources hard to harvest (thus making it super hard to advance crafting). There are only 2 options:
a) do not enter at all, wait for this region to be made user-friendly;
b) power-level to lvl.115 and enter then.

Secret World Legends

Played today (yesterday was maintenance). I finalle entered Agharta, some world hub with players running around by foot or on motocycles. First combat mission: enter Kingsmouth, deal with undead and maybe Illuminati. Ok, I was alone in the world and thought I could go freely.

Nope. Game guided me with lots of cutscenes. Talked to cowboy. received obligatory “Accept NN quest”.

Surroundings are interesting. Zombies are everywhere. You kill (some 8 xp…) – they appear soon. I thought it to be unfair, but hey – that’s zombie infection! Some can be put on fire, some just shot. My shotgun was really efective versus groups – something I really like. 3-4 shots, group dead. Energy runs quickly though.  Then I saw some policeman (dead), took munition and was headed to police station. Not to worry, there were quests too.

Some quests had prerequisites: finish A quest to receive B. Had to run backwards, shoot something. Returned, got quest to steal 3 security cameras.

I thought I was free to take them as I want. Wrong: game force-guided me: first this location, then another…and then other. A bit wrong approach.

Impressions so far: atmosphere is nice. Quests are interesting. Surroundings are really good. Forced questing is not good: sorry, I would like to explore worldd, running into quests…not being told “go precisely there, accept precisely that”.  Controls are horrible, not intuitive, whoever has done them – did not think about players from other mmos. Overall rating: playable nice game.


And such were my adventures in pre-Mordor Lotro and Secret world legends. I am having just empty time in Lotro: no FIs, no crafting, no sense in grind Wasteland resources, just some quests in Festival. SWL looks nice and inviting, I should play it more often.