Lord of the rings

Summer festival went almost good – just fishing was a bit non-productive. Ended up with some 25 tokens. I had a chance to grind, but had no will. Yet, today will get another Anfalas crystal.

Tried to trade one status tome: no results, Will-1 is not desired for trade. Only one player responded.

Mordor is same grave news: Shadow essences (all Ithilien are to be trashed) and armour with 0-1 (or even 2) essences. Some 12 essences per armour set. Decrease of mitigations to 20%. Huge drop down from lvl.106.  Armour is to be bartered at skirmish (really expensive) or “given by questing”. I do not believe our developers would give us good armour. Never happened at any region, even with Dol Amroth.

But on official forums we have a topic with some 70 posts – “armour without essences, yay!”. That’s maximum ~70 fools-elitists. Developers listen to 70 players in Lotro, not remaining thousands. Elitists can celebrate and I am seeking some kind of new home. After Mordor there would be no Lotro for me (unless they nerf Mordor: won’t happen).

I know I have my Kin. I have other players, even at mmorpg.com who are able to listen to me and understand my problems. That’s what still holds me in Lotro: if there was another Lotro-type mmo, I would migrate immediately.

Secret World Legends

Finally downloaded -took ~3 hours- patched, played.

Factions: manipulating Illuminati; noble Templar; devious Dragons. Chose Templar, those seem to know what are they fighting for.

Character creation: well, your body (except head) is a copy-paste, all bodies are alike. You can customize only head – from eyebrows to makeup – and outfit you wear. Of course, I created woman, blonde one with maximum revealing outfit. Not too satisfied, but still…

Classes: many of them, from melee to magic users. Chose one, reccomended in mmorpg.com – with assault rifle.

Gameplay: interesting one. I got intro – a dream. Mysterious woman guided  me through some cemetery. I killed monsters, used to interact with NPCs, pick items and finally fought a Boss Monster. Everything went almost good. Then I descended, had to avoid mines, then I saw lazer trap – managed to jump…and a pool with some blue lights. Never mind lights, let’s move.

I was killed – pool was with electric traps. Had to look, to find usable keypad, press to disable. Moved one, one puzzle -easy one -and finally normal missions. I was in Tokyo, running in subway, observing various people, shooting monsters, talking to fellow Templars…getting killed one more time.

Playing was interesting. I saw actual people on the streets (not interactable), other toons, my toon fainted away few times, had some visions, some voices speaking to her.

Game world is kind of big and interesting. Quests so far were easy: go, kill, talk. One time – had to disable huge robot. Managed to finish.

Controls do not shine. Mouse is for looking. “F” to interact. “Ctrl + R” to get quest reward. Some other key to sent report. Attacks at lvl.1 – only one. I should be able to throw grenade, yet can’t see how to launch it.  And I still fail to avoid mobs – I enjoy shooting.

Rewards were so far nice. Some quests required to purchase precise skills – well, did not like it.

Crafting is meant to be “Upgrading”: put upgradable item into one slot, then 5 other items as materials and enjoy upgraded stuff.

Community: looks non-existent. Chats are dead. I aked for help – one player responded.

Overall I like this game. It’s a story, interesting one – could be an option to play. Just really wish to avoid “mouse sensitivity and itnernet speed” missions (like “avoid death machine and reach point A withing 15 seconds”) – and join some clan to have any kind of socialization.

Cash grab: so far none in sight.


And so the day has ended – grey in Lotro and a bit promising in SWL. I know, I have to find any meaningfull activity in Lotro…question is why? Game would end for me with Mordor, I do not trust in developers, I dislike all new content.