Lord of the rings online

Summer festival goes well. So far I have bartered and used 2 Anfalas crystals on Naktieskarys. Fishing is really random: sometimes trash loot, worth 2 tokens, sometimes even 5. Tried fishing in Thorins hall: 20 minutes, many trash fish – but hey, got maybe 4 Amberjacks.  Daily quests are good too, though I do skip Ice Delivery and killing those Fire heats – too long to finish, too little rewards.

Yesterday ran featured instance – Sword Halls. Result – mostly trash plus few Anfalas scrolls (these are the most valuable).

Stormsong helped some players, otherwise did nothing.

XHuntress hunted and it was a failure. First of all – too little skills, they are not so devastating as Minstrel ones. Can’t shoot while moving. Blue trait tree skills gives almost nothing and one I was reccomended – Precision – is far, far away.
Then, it was hunting in Ered Luin. i met one farming company with higher lvl Lore master and then another group. I was outperformed, never invited to group, had to engage into unwise competition. One  lvl.7 Minstrel asked to join, but wait – he did not need me. So, I left him to solo and he outperformed me. I also had to purchase one bow, then use looted one. Never ran into such things on Minstrel.
World chat was helpfull, but alas – told me real difference is past lvl.20. So I would probably grind Ered Luin deeds, deposit stuff for MInstrel alts to use. So far: Hunter may be good, traps are really nice, Focus building at lvl.10 is quite easy and good, Barrage is devastating…but Hunter is really outperformed by Minstrel.  AT lvl.10 Minstrel has more attacks, 2 of them really heavy.

Finally found one player who had the gift to listen. I told him everything about my frustrattions, fear and anger concerning Mordor. He listens. He understands me. He tells about many mistakes developers are making (and well, would be making in my opinion). It does not make any of future content better, but at least someone who managed to listen, not pre-judge!

And news on Mordor are really grave ones. Some statuses will drop to 20% since lvl.106. Jewellery would be without essences. Armour – almost without essences (I guess, maximum 1 slot). No task boards. Killing some enemies gives negatve reputation. Add already existing hardcore – and you get unplayable region.
Yes, I won’t enter there, no need to do this. Yes, i will keep my flower armour and Wastes jewellery because I will never get armour. And to be honest, armour with no essences (1 essence – no essences, it doesn’t change anything) is an armour for weakling who would be 3-shotted.

Of course, there are over-proud elitists, maybe 10 of them in server and forums that scream joy because of no-essence armour. Only some 10 players, compared to thousands others.

New content is a pure nightmare for me. End of any fun, only eternal grumpyness ahead.

The Secret World Legends

MMO reccomended by mmorpg.com. Opinions differ a bit. WOuld download  one day (minimum size is 16 Gb…3 hours to download). So far seems interesting, though some reviews claim this is cash grab.

It may look like a cash grab – but I am not to judge before I try.  After all, I do need something to play after Lotro de facto ends.


And so weekend has ended – I was thinking that for Lotro it would be better to be closed after Mordor. Game would remain legend, not some extreme hardcore fitted for 100-200 elitistis. I do feel alone in Lotro: chats are dead, almost no activity. Hunter is not class I want to try. Changes are needed – just what and where?