Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys was active. First, Summer festival. Initially took all easy quests: fish Mathoms, catch fish, find some lost stuff around fishing place. Fishing for fish went bad: 10 minutes – 5 fish, only 2 tokens. SOme 5 weeds, too often I failed to catch anything. Then ran to Party Tree. Took easy quests + ice delivery. These went good. Did not take racing (impossible to win), keg races (pure rng) and defeat heat waves (not possible, no news about fixing). All in all, at the end had 22 tokens – earned only 10.

Then Kinship organized raid. I usually do not take part: PC lags, I am not so experienced + Kinship likes to run new regions. This time they went to Helegrod and I risked to go.

There was real lag, sometimes I could not move, so had to spam AoE attacks. We did Dragon, Giant and Spider wings. Fight was good, because everyone else had no lag and had clear ideas what to do. Looks like nobody died, even hardest moments were finished quickly and efficiently. Loot was almost non-existent, some trashy jewellery and LI xp runes. However, at least this run let me forget that I have almost no future in Lotro.

XHuntress continued her (slow) journey in Archet. Hunter is worse than Minstrel, so far. Asked World chat about Hunter, people advice taking blue trait tree and investing everything into Precision. They keep telling my main status is Agility, then I should go for critical rating and something else. Well, I will try. After all, I lose nothing.

I must force myself NOT to think about Mordor expansion. Not to thin about ultra hard monsters, about impossible to prospect materials, about forced raiding areas, about paywalls every second step, about lame new armour that gives only light, but nothing serious, about fact that every single expansion would be harder and harder and content would be worse and worse. I must not thing about future of Lotro. Just – how?

Final Fantasy XIV

A pity, had no time to play. This game is nice – nice graphic, dialogues. A pity, it is pay to play, hence I will never experience lvl.36…


And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.