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Lord of the rings online

Stormsong crafted, then sold stuff, repaired stuff. Tried to talk, but in all chats there was almost total silence.

Naktieskarys went to SUmmer festival. There were many people around Party Tree, all doing quests. I took almost all of them, except Inn/Ale league and races. Only one quest was cancelled – to hunt fire grims. I was unable to target them, other players complained about it too. Then went fishing – fish and mathoms. Fishing itself was a bit bad. Overall, at the end of the day I had 12 tokens.

What I need from festival? Only one thing, Anfalas crystals. Each goes for 30 tokens and Naktieskarys alone needs 5. Hence – 150 tokens and no need for anything else, mount or kite or whatever.

Festival goes untill July 16th, so I would have some time to grind these. If I earn entire 10 each day – it’s doable. Plus, I gain valuable Mathoms (i.e. LPs…).

Started experimental toon, XHuntress. Human female, of course. First impressions: at lvl.3 – too little attacks, cannot attack while moving. Traps, while not too easy to place – works for me, just kills monsters for me. This way Wolfmaster or Archet was killed: poor guy stepped on trap and was dead.

Attacks: have I melee (hunter uses 2 melee weapons), one normal ranged and one advanced ranged (if I have 3 focus, may use it).

So far Hunter is outperformed by Minstrel in terms of attack (Mini can attack while moving). In terms of armour – Hunter is better than Minstrel (can use medium armour).

I will experiment with my new Hunter to understand if I want this class. Loremaster did not impress me too much. Of course, I have little enthusiasm to re-grind every region, every deed and live without swift travel. Yet -who knows, never say never.

Lotro forums are full of elitists being proud that they are elitists and their arrogant approach. This group of 100-200 forum members do enjoy everything that is hard. And news about Mordor reminds not region, but just instruction about Tier2 instance. Well, developers’ approach (listen to hardcore elitists, ignore all others), their inability to count active forum members (and realise they represent only small minority) would be theid downfall one day.

For me, question about Mordor is solved: not buying, not entering. Would I need epic quest? Well, if it offers unique, valuable rewards – like full set of local armour and best essences – yes. If rewards are worse than these – no.

Final Fantasy XIV

A pity, did not play. This game is more interesting than Lotro, has better graphic and nicer characters. Community is almost non-existent, yet I may ask: is it better to have troll community or none?

FF is pay-to-play (somehow hoped it would be buy-to-play), so I would be stuck to lvl.35 and all these restrictions. But, after all, FF does offer real alternative to Lotro.


And so the day has ended. It was almost good in Lotro. Maybe I will start new toon and re-live all adventures again. Or maybe would live in FF. Who knows?