Lord of the rings online

There was little actitivity. Logged in, took Hobbit presents, crafted Host of the West reputation items. Talked in chats. Tried to ask advice about Lotro point grinding strategies:
1) My standard: make toon, do Ered Luin deeds, rush to Bree, use all accelerators, reach lvl.20, use reputation items, delete toon or
2) Make toon, do Ered Luin deeds, save accelerators, delete toon.
First strategy gives more LPs and takes more time. Second strategy gives less LP, takes less time, yet may give some valuable tomes to another toon (and thus allow him to get even more LPs). Not sure which one to choose, both have good and bad sides.

Asked kinnies, but there were too little LP grinders.

In World chat ranted a bit. Then one player talked to me – we had some nice time in Angmar (I helped him), now he is already lvl.75, getting first warsteed. So, we talked about Isengard and Warsteeds.

I spent my time grinding Shire and Bree reputation items, giving away crafting materials. Other than that – no activity.

Final Fantasy XIV

Spent some time this morning. Ran to desert to do some quests – use this, kill stuff that appears, then just kill stuff. I was effective, though had to calculate my attacks: Thaumaturg is not DPS machine like Minstrel is. I have ranged attacks, yet no ranged nuke. Only at lvl.11 did I receive some ice AoE attack. Close range one.

First time it was that I had to device strategy: there was a camp full of baddies that aggroed. I had to run, then deviced how to kill, loot and run. Things were done, I turned in quest.

Some quests were kind of…peacefull. Like – talk to this NPC. Persuade children to go inside and offer them ginger cookies.

Equipment? I am getting some from quests, looks like it is better thn bought one.

Community: maybe it exists. Saw first Clan advertising. Asked players, received one answer not related to question…and then nobody talked to me again. Could it be I cannot even receive tells? Still do not know how to get to Novice network. Nobody invites and I have no idea how to use Mentor system since I am unable to /tell.\

Crafting: getting some materials, but not joining any crafting school right now. Still have to understand which ones I need.

FF is nice, but I do lack any form of interaction between players (being f2p). Dear developers, please consider some (limited) public chat.


And so the day has ended. No enthusiasm in Lotro, little future in it – and some Iron Curtain of silence in FF. But maybe things would bet better in FF (gave up on Lotro)?