Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active: logged in, took Hobbit present (1 gold worth coin scrap), crafted low-level Host of the West reputation. There was nothing more to do: watched World chat, put some users on ignore, talked a bit about future content (Mordor). I do not care  about it – not going purchase questpack or expansion. Not going to travel here or even do epic. Why bother? Receive some trash items, delete them? Nope. Some players argued with me, some possibly agreed. One asked why are we complaining? My answer: i wish I could tell everyone how great all new content is, come and see…a pity I can’t do it, I can’t defend game, I can’t honestly tell “come, this content is quality one”. Contrary – all I can do is to say: content is bad, forced grouping everywhere, crafting promises to be almost impossible.

I wish developers played game from scratch, grind (as f2p) every single deed, purchase regional quest packs/expansions, join Kinships, try to get to Fellowship. But no developer playes and all feedback they are listening to – is feedback from hardcore elitists-raiders. All other opinion is just trashed.

There is still no mood since I have nothing to do in Lotro. Level up Loremaster? An option, but then I have to run all these boring Big Battles, Lag Tirith, Lag fields, Ostgiiaths. Content I really dislike (except BB, they are kind of normal…rewards are non-existent).

Final Fantasy XIV

Ran in the desert, reached level 10. I am taking quest after quest, speaking to NPCs and failing to communicate with other players. I am just not heared, not sure why. No way to reach Novice chat – typed /novice or /n – nothing. I can’t adress Mentor since can’t whisper to him.

Combat, however, was nice, deeds were nice. Purcased new weapon, got one piece of armour and even one quest where NPC inspected my armour.

FF is nice and inviting. Yes, no immortality like with Lotro Minstrel (that’s why Minstrel is superior to anything). I have plenty quests to be busy at lvl.10.

The only thing I lack is communication. Ability to talk to others, communivate with them.


And so, the day has ended – quite busy in Final Fantasy and grey in Lotro. My dear Lotro, soon I would be forced to just grind LPs.