Lord of the rings online

We have news about Mordor expansion – both from previews and player impressions. Very fragmented info. WOuld try to post what I have gathered.

Level cap increase to lvl.115
New crafting tier
No evil flora system
Virtues increase
New pledging to some race system
Armour with little slots, but more fixed status
Super hard monsters.

Monsters are reported to be really hard. The minimum danage done by trash mob is some 7000. My Minstrel would be killed within 5th hit (you know, 30,000 health only). Resource gathering is reported to be very hard – looks like everything is (heavily?) guarded, monsters are very hard to kill. To make things worse, crafting recipes are pay-walled behind quest pack: to get recipes, you have to have reputation AND finish some local quests. And to make things even more worse: crafting would require components dropped by monsters only.

So: if you wanna gather stuff, kill monsters. If you do not have tens of bodyguards – you are gonna die.

As if it was not enough – the further we go to Mordor, the harder monsters (and resource gathering).

For me, it is just a dark time. My main, Scholar, already has hard times gathering Scholar resources – they are really few and always guarded. Now, with almost unkillable monsters (think about Mummak every second step) – gathering won’t be an option.

I am really grumpy and angry. Game is downgraded to ultra-hard mode where even fellowship won’t be enough: one would need entire raid (24 persons) to guard him. Fighting for resources was bad enough earlier…now we would have to fight monsters and outrun other players. Solo PvE player, not geared to millions of morale would have no chance.

Yes, I am right with determination to NOT purchase questpack/expansion and actually do NOT enter Mordor. I won’t get tens, hundreds of guards to clear my way from point A to point B. I am just cut off from any crafting.

But hardcore fanboys are having triumph. Every elitist screams how good is hard mode and probably Mordor is too easy for them. Nobody cares about such people like me.

Bright side: I will be saving LP for stuff I need: inventory space, bank space, shared vault, wardrobe space.

What I need right now is one person. No matter who, from where, how that person plays: two things are important. First – English language. Second: ability to listen to me and say something really encouraging. Because right now future of my play in Lotro is just complete darkness.


Final Fantasy XIV

Played a bit. No, it’s not Lotro, where your Minstrel smashes anything, it’s about planning and maybe people are right when they tell FF is good for melee classes.  I did some quests and found something like deed: kill 3 of these monsters, get xp for deed completion.

Cannot interact with players, see no mentors around, so can’t ask for in-game help and even could not respond to any tells. It makes me feel lonely in a single-player game with lots of bots.

Game is nice, just free player is left in space he can’t ask/get help. How am I to get Mentor if I can’t /tell him and whatever I say with /say – is ignored?

And so weekend has ended – lonely, dark, grumpy in all games. I feel just left alone with no help, no support, almost nobody to talk to. There is no future for me in Lotro or FF.