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Lord of the rings online

Developers talked about Mordor and from different sources here we go:

  1. No group content at the start; would add later
  2. Level cap increase
  3. New crafting tier
  4. Legendary items get increase
  5. Empowerment scrolls would cost more
  6. Virtues  increased
  7. No more new Trait points
  8. High Elf race confirmed, purchasable with LPs/certain bundles
  9. High Elf classes confirmed (cannot be burglars and something else)
  10. Flower system won’t continue to Mordor
  11. Instead (players talk) – get some items, deconstruct them to Ashes, barter ashes
  12. Minstrel getting new item (craftable?)
  13. New gear with less essences and more fixed status
  14. New loot system.

Level cap increase is nice, LI new levels is nice too (let us hope, 30 scrolls for each weapon would be enough), virtues increase is nice. My Minstrel with new instrument – really nice.

Loot system – no idea what do they exactly mean.

Grind system – not impressed. Should be too much RNG related (like recipes drop now). New armour already looks like a new nonsense. Less essences – less effectiveness in the battle, more chances of enemy to one-shot me.

Group content – won’t bother with this. We have been having forced groupong since Gondor, we have been having farming raids (pure RNG) since then. As far as I heared – nothing too impressive.

They could remove RNG, at least in Mordor. And state: Mordor grulet drops 1 Jaw, 1 Pant and 1 Bloody Tooth; Mordor Orc drops 1 legendary item, 1 crafting item and 3 Bloody pants; Mordor Half Troll drops 78 Troll teeth, 1 crafting item and 1 recipe. They could offer sets of armour: one with, say, 6 essences; another with 3 essences and fixed statuses; third with 1 essence and many fixed statuses. Ashes system sounds bit lame: dear Aragorn, to get that item, please loot bloody corpses of 29 Orcs, finf few items, manually turn them to ashes and bring ashes to me…

Would Mordor be a success – or just another Gondorish failure? We will see soon enough.

Mordor aside: Naktieskarys finished Scavenger quests. CHose to kill enemies since travelling would mean being stuck in Lag Tirirth. Finally, all done, I went to lame island with Standing stone and threw all quest “rewards” – hook with rag cloaks, Standing stone etc. Sorry, need only pet and cosmetic armour.

Final Fantasy XIV

Did not play, too little time for it. Googled about chats, looks like I have to use command /novice and be able (?) to talk to novices. People confirmt here are cosmetic clothing – but I did not notice it so far.

Folks are advicing against fast playing. Well, I may slow down, should Lotro vecome boring (as it mostly is).


And so the day has ended – quite effective in Lotro. Would be waiting for Mordor and what would it bring.