Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys was just saved by one kind soul. Everything went as usually – boring. Log in, take Hobbit reward, craft Host of the West items, ask chat if anybody was doing Scavenger year 9 quests, understand nobody did…then just stand in Bree.

Suddenly one player asked if anyone needed enemies in Tarlag’s Crown. I rushed to take that quest and met my saviour. A minstrel. Your nice AoE (probably red stance) Minstrel. He took one flank, invited group of monsters. I shing-shinged them. First 3 or 4 were ok, then somehow we ran into several monsters…and my powerfull Minstrel was killed. I killed one or two monsters (just because they attacked me). Minstrel returned, we killed few more monsters. Cursed Year 9 Triffle’s hardest part  was done.

Yet I am still convinced that under normal circumstances it is unsoloable. You just can’t enter Tarlags Crown alive and solo. Inside you may have chance to avoid everything and kill only random single corsairs.

Then I took my route and killed monsters in most of regions I was asked to. Continued this morning and now I am left with but two regions. Year 9 Triffle would be finished today, then – rush to finish Year 10, receive lame rewards, throw away SSG logo and most trash.

I was satisfied with players’ help. At least one time I used help from side.

Final Fantasy XIV

My Arcanist is a history. I created half-elven woman (of course, with the largest bust and blonde hair), then chose Thaumaturgist. Skipped intro. I was in some desert city and, of course, had to join Adventurer’s Guild. Was given several quests – just to let me know how city lives.

Of course, NPCs had tons of job for me. Go, ask others about fashion. Please, fly these fliers in certain area. Ask locals to help crafter (only 2/5 agreed). Of course, I had “kill ’em” and “loot NN stuff from monsters” quests. Monsters were marked with circles, I had no problem killing them. At lvl.3 I was powerfull enough. Only problem was mana: i used fire skill that eats mana most, so sometimes could not cast any spell.

Ran into class quests. Als, took part in 2 local events. They are like Guild Wars 2: you go into certain area, have to kill smth along with others (sorry, no soloing). Then you receive some fame.

I liked town, running in circles there, talking with NPCs. There were many players…and then I could not communicate with others. Say something – yes…but nobody reacts even when there are ~10 players. Was unable to /tell or /yell (f2p restrictions, but these are no problem). Could not use kind of post…and had no idea about other chats.  being restricted as f2p is fine. Unable to communicate by any means is not.

Controlling game is sometimes non intuitive. Received armour as quest reward? Do not look into inventory, look at your own Armoury (lucky, you can compare 2 things). Still no cosmetic things (no way my big-breasted blonde with pointy ears could look more sexy).

One problem was logging: I was told there was a crowd of 14 other players logging in. Otherwise FF is just nice. There are nice, humorous characters, some stories, NPCs keep telling you about surroundings.

And so the day has ended: quite good for lvl.105 Lotro Minstrel and lvl.5 FF Traumaturgist.