Final Fantasy XIV

Finally, after few hours of downloading and updating – started my adventures there. Yes, f2p is limited by level and activities (no Auction house, no whispers etc).

FF is an oriental mmo, heavily depending upon Eastern culture, like astrology of when you were born, which deity do you worship and alike.
Character creation: very good, tons of options to choose from, even voice.
Races: few of them. First one, resembling Humans, is divided into 2 sub-races.
Classes: picked Arcanist. It is ranged dps (should be) with too little combat skills to use at level 1.

Gameplay: visuals are just superb, I wish Lotro had same quality. Introduction is dramatic, ending with new hero, whose fate is unknown, arriving to Eorzea. And that hero was sexy-looking Human Arcanist…

In FF, prepare for lots of cutscenes. Intro where my girl fights some evil, then falls. Second intro, where she awakes in some ship, gets attacked by pirates, somehow ship evades pirates. My hero has to choose what is she up to, I chose correct answer “For glory”. Not power, not anything – just gimme glory! Ok…arriving. Set of another cutscenes where my toon is seen listening to NPCs and receiving introduction quest – talk to one NPC, then finish talk with another. After all, I am adventurer, so must join Adventurers Guild.

I received three quests just to understand how things work in this port town. Since it was late, did not start them.

First impressions: toon creation is nice, feel free to change many things (Lotro, you really miss it!). Music is somewhat astral. Visuals, though Asian, are really superb. Default movement is awfull ASDF (reconfigured to keys), also mouse works pretty well. Women are really sexualized.
Game sometimes is too complex from begining. When you choose race, you are given no idea what classes you could take. Then, feel free to choose your birth date and no idea what it may change. Then choose deity from huge list with really hard to understand features. I chose first one, just because it was first one.
So far saw no option for Lotro-type “cosmetic outfit”.

The only big minus was silence. When I arrived, I saw no player around, chats were empty. In Lotro you could at least see or be harrased with “my Kin iz good plz plz join”.

However, this world is nice. I will run my girl toons, make them danged dps and tyr to find my place in lvl.1-35 Eorzea world.


Lord of the rings online

Logged Stormsong, crafted reputation items, chatted a bit, logged off. Wanted to find any player who is on Scavenger Year 9 – found none.


And so the day has ended, really nice in FF and just grey in Lotro.