Lord of the rings online

New Featured instance – Seat of the Great Goblin. One I used to die many times even when I was lvl.100/105 and mobs were of some lvl.40-50. Instance that isn’t worth effort: i prefer quick ones. Enter, kill, get loot.

I had nothing to do. Crafted Host of the West low reputation items on Naktieskarys and Stormsong. Asked some low lvl groups if they need aid (they did not answer). Went to Great Barrows to hunt Shire and Bree reputation items. Got two lootboxes – trashed all, they have zero value (nobody buys for 200 silver!).

Talked in Kin chat. Game has lost attractivness for me. It’s a routine.Craft on Stormsong – run FI on Stormsong – craft on Naktieskarys – run FI on Naktieskarys – possibly gather Dagorlad resources on Naktieskarys – run FI on Vytautaz – wait for next day. That’s all what I can do. Deeds? Either done or takes really too long. What remains is LP grind, once again – question where would I spend these. One nice and wise kinnie reminded me: it is social aspect. Go, talk to kinnies (maybe even troll in World chat), do something. She is right, I forgot this aspect… yet still I need some action aspect. Doing something not too boring that has sense.

The only thing I wish I could run all day – Featured instance. Just to farm Anfalas scrolls / crafting journals / war materials. But these are restricted to once a day.

Great Barrows run gave me some satisfaction in giving away materials. Scholar ones were in high demand, precious stones/hides were not so popular. At least something I can do for community: when you are low level crafter, every item really helps.

Looks like I was too pessimistic on Scavenger quest Year 9. If what one player commented there is right – then I should be really ashamed. If that poor hound outside Tarlags Crown corsair area counts as enemy – this quest is really 101% soloable at lvl.105. Even at lvl.100. Would have to ask somebody who hasn’t done it.

Final Fantasy

Re-created SE account. Started updating client. Today will start to play.

Blade and Soul

Still no confirmation about forum account. A pity, I really need some advice on game crashes.

And so the day has ended, a bit dull in Lotro. But we await Mordor expansion, maybe it would change something.