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Lord of the rings online

Weekend was nice and empty. ll my toons ran Featured instance, fighting Fornost up to the Wraith of Earth, then making nice AoE to kill boss and his bodyguards. Loot was nice – several Crafting journal boxes, Anfalas scrolls. Naktieskarys now has almost full set of Anfalas scrolls, Vytautaz still needs some.

My toons performed good, groups were experienced and ran instance quickly, not killing everything in sight.

Managed to sell some trash essences: one player asked for them, I re-asked – and yeah, those I usually trash. Sold for some valuable gold: good for player, nice for me. Mood is still bad, I still see nobody who would listen to my problems and say something encouraging.  Some players keep trying to say – oh, well, if you did not finish quests, it’s your decision. Sorry, not mine: paywall on one quest, un-soloable “solo” another, unfindable stuff on third – pick which one am I able to finish solo. World chat is, as it was – a trollfest without any real help.

One player made me feel almost ashame. He send me tell about how I am helping others and that this is nice. I felt ashamed – well, /World chat was turned off, I did not respond to /LFF because of really bad mood. Turned /World on.

Managed to help one young Scholar – provided some lvl.10, then some lvl.35 crafting items. Later he was once again, in need of some more -sent those. After farming barrows – gave away some crafting stuff.

Barrow-ironbound boxes drops too often, prices are down to some 20-200 silver and nobody is buying: trashed everything.

Since I have nothing more to do – am just farming reputation items. One day would log my grinding alts and make some 200 LPs within one short run.

Mordor expansion is rumoured to be soon, some player said about this Friday. Well, I do not wait for it. It would hardly brging anything good. New essence and armour grind? Few epic quests based on “yes-yes-ok-kill-deliver-ok-ok-finish”? If this is Mordor and we get to Mount Doom – destruction of the Ring would be spectacular. Knowing our developers – content would be same, very hard, forced fellowship.

Blade and Soul

Tried to try this NCsoft game. Created account, downloaded client…then huge download, updating, updating updates, checking files, updating, updating what is already updated…crashing and repeating. Had to uninstall.

Solution: I may adress developers and ask for solution.

Final Fantasy XIV

Yet another candidate for second home. Install – nice, update -smart…

And then – plz provide one time password, i.e. install some software to my phone, then generate code, then log in. Well, my phone is not iOS/Android…Uninstalled

It turns out I was in too hurry – could have worked without lame code

Solution: try one more time (or ask developers).

And to weekend has ended. Lotro still disappoints me, finding second home is problematic. However, I am back to helping others in Lotro and this could be the biggest achievement.