Lord of the rings online

Scavenger hutn is over. I was unable to finish it: can’t finish Year 9, can’t start Year 10 and thus can’t get one last quest. Rewards : some worthless housing items and two nice – emote (?) and pet.

I am unable and would never be able to finish, all thanks to developers. They do not play game, they have little idea on how mmo is run, they fail to listen to realistic feedback. They are making all mistakes one can make, except heavy p2w content.

Was Scavenger hunt bad? No, not at all. Some quests were nice, involving, doable. Some of them I would remember (like Gimli). Too many were locked behind paywall. Too many were based on nonsenses. Some were made so that many players could not finish them.

I felt bad and angry. Tried to talk in Kinship chat, but almost no responses. Was looking for some activity, but there were none: few Featured instance groups, few end-game content. Tried to ask in /Trade chat – no answers.

Yes, I do feel alone and abandoned. All I needed was one person to listen to me and telling me something encouraging. Or some activity – no matter what – I could do. There was none. Even within my own Kinship.

My days starting to become dull once again. Do Featured instance. Deposit Anfalas scrolls. Craft reputation items. Do same thing with at least 1 more toon. If there is will – grind some Lotro points.

Lotro is becoming less and less interesting for me. No content to run, unless I want to re-run old one. The only bright side is hoarding Anfalas crystals/scrolls for Mordor update. Each toon should have 100 scrolls and some 10 crystals.

Final Fantasy

Downloaded one from NCsoft. Not sure which version is it. Maybe there would I would find my retreat.