Lord of the rings online

Featured instance: Naktieskarys and Stormsong ran it. Overall success, my AoE was really good. Loot: Anfalas starlit crystal (yay! Naktieskarys was happy), some Anfalas scrolls, War materials and trash essences. Now, Naktieskarys has ~75 Anfalas scrolls: really good, I am close to needed 100. Anfalas crystals – subject to Summer festival grind.

Scavenger hunts causes me discomfort and grump. Talked about it in Kinship chat, was misunderstood and was unable to explain.
My experience: Scavenger Year 9 is impossible to finish based on what is written. Kinnie’s experience: he finished all quests (yes, Gandalf is locked, but still 2 remains). I told I was against paywall. Kinnie’s thoughts: oh, so you want everything for free.

Never did I tell I want everything for free. Never did I complain like “oh, this region is too expensive” and I bought with LPs all content up to Gondor. Content may be good or disappointing, it may have almost zero return value…but never I complained about expenses. There is no “too expensive”, there is always “little will to grind”. 4000 LP? Much, but it’s some 20 hours of playing single-use toons.  ANd I have always been in favour of privileges for VIPs, that’s natural.
What I meant was simple: I am against optional skirmishes to be included in Scavenger hunts. This locks entire quest.
I felt misunderstood by my own Kinship. If it was in trash-can, called “World chat”, I won’t bother, it’s full of trolls. Folks just could not get the point, there was nobody to understand my frustration that I won’t be able to finish year 10 quest.Instead, some are talking about “quests too easy, make them harder”. They are already hard, some – right impossible (killing Mumak in laggy area, locating non-existing things in year 9). What would be harder – kill all monsters in Gondor within 2 hours?

I logged out with heavy thoughts. Gameplay in Lotro is just dark and without any hope. Everything is dark and grumpy.