Lord of the rings online

The Featured instance runs were succesfull. Naktieskarys, Stormsong, Vytautaz made all runs. The only obstacle was lag, sometimes I stood in one place, sometimes was late…but overall runs were good. Loot: trash essence, valuable War materials, crafting journal box, some crafting materials. And of course, Anfalas scrolls.

I was effective, be it Minstrel’s ranged AoE or Champion’s shing-shing, or my single-target champion’s attacks. It was a good feeling (and yeah, good group too).

One thing made me sad: one ad on /Trade channel. Player told he was buying Lorien Gold dye. I wasn’t able to craft it, looked at wiki…onyl to find it was for finishing all 10 Scavenger hunt cards.

A deed I won’t ever be able to finish. Developers won’t change quests to be doable. I am standing before locked doors with house owners mocking me and spitting at me: come on, unlock doors (though we have only keys and you can’t get them).

The only thing that still keeps me is my Kinship, crafting of reputation items and resource gathering. Also, waiting for Summer festival and grind for Anfalas crystals, essence reclamation scrolls.

NOT waiting for tomorrow: to stand hopelessly and look at the queast I won’t be able to finish.

Sad nood in Lotro. I do need something to cheer it up.