Lord of the rings online

New Featured Instance – Wrath of the Earth, a Fornost instance. Somehow it was really popular – groups were forming really fast. Finally, one kinnie asked if I wanted (of course, I did). We were two. First monster: I dealt with some of adds, then ranged ones came, named monster attacked me, I was dead. Retreated, ran- only to find door closed. My kinnie won, we ran further. Another kinnie joined, so we ran killing everything (and that’s 3/6!). Final monster was killed, though not too easily – he summoned adds all the time. Then we repeated lvl.104 instance. Easier to do – two tanks and one squishy Minstrel.

Loot was “so-so”: 1 journal box, 1 Anfalas scroll, 1 crafting material and some essence.

I enjoy this instance. Quick, effective run, good for AoE. Would try to run on other toons.

Other activity: crafted Host of the West reputation items on Stormsong and Naktieskarys.  Vytautaz crafted some Cook patterns.

My days of spamming Trade channel finally paid off. One player was looking for slayer deed accelerator. I had some and as usually remarked: Offer me Scavenger year 9 paper and get your tome (tome was linked). Silence. I thought: well, another wasted moment. Then he returned, we bartered and I finally have this scrap of paper. Which means I won’t get reward and would be forced to barter for Year 10 paper scrap. Side note: I do NOT wait for Scavenger year 10, it would be disappointment and fail.

Another player offered to send me for free, but I have already made a deal.  Overall, there are some nice persons left.

And so the day has ended: quite effective. I have Featured instance to run, crafting to do and maybe do Lotro points grinding runs. Just – remember to use Minor ballad for a deed, nott o forget explore Dourhands + do Minstrel lvl.15 quest (+15 LP).