Lord of the rings online

Weekend was very quiet. Still absolutely no mood to do even Featured instances. Still really grumpy, angry, sad about Scavenger year 9.

Tried to ask in /Trade chat if anyone sells these craps of paper: nobody does. Some players ask why do I look – have I destroyed mine? No, it’s just that these quests are impossible for me, they ask for impossible thing and I could prove it to anybody.

Which leads to another point – I find almost noone who would understand my frustrations. /World chat is off, no doubt, since it is troll fest.

Kinship chat was mostly silent, little activity. I did not know what to do.

Then, grinded Lotro points with XindiK, my new alt. I turned off all comunication: kinship, fellowship requests, all channels, even private messaging. Let there be silence. I do not need from other players anything, except few experts on trade and some to buy my stuff on Auction.
XindiK got Tome of Agility I from low-lvl chest (from third try). This and Agility II were used by Naktieskarys.

Grind was nice, I looted enough LPs, used Mathom and Bree reputation items.

Other games

I took a look at “low fantasy free mmo”. Found one I thought could be worth – Alganon. Graphic is really outdated, reminds Istaria. FOunder – (in)famous Derek Smart. However, playable through Steam only + restrictions (like having only 50 gold) for f2p. Nope, not playable.

Asta is a candidate to uninstall. No soul in it, just tiny colourfull figures and over-sized Owls.

No other free fantasy mmos on horizont. Looks like I have tried all that are not open-world PvP and have normal f2p settings.

And so grey weekend has ended – grey and uninspiring in Lotro.