Lord of the rings online

We finally had Scavenger year 9! Yay, my NaktiesKarys rushed to Hobbiton to take quests.
Gandalf: locked behind pay wall. Feel free to purchase skirmish if you want to complete. Not to worry, I still have two quests!
Quest line 1: find stuff in Middle Earth. Cat house in Bree, turtle house in Bree – ok, nice ones. Then – snowman in one region while there is no and never was any snowman. Found coordinates on one forum, ran there- no snowman. Then I noticed I had more non-existent stuff to find. Yeah, please find Imperial Star Destroyer in Bree vault, ok?
Not to be grumpy, I have one more quest line!
Yes, Quest line 2: solo one. Kill 8 enemies. Last position – Tarlags Crown.

All quests were cancelled. Scavenger year 9 is impossible to do. I was in fury: angry, grumpy, nervous.

But this is what Lotro is: content that makes almost everyone nervous and grumpy. Repetative, boring grind without any purpose (getting Clean Grumpy Cow is not a purpose). Our developers are persons who have no idea how modern mmos are ran and how one plays Lotro.

I tried to ask Kinship about my minstrel’s setup – folks were bujsy with runs and only after some time -seemed eternity for me – was I able to get full advice, like “you need 2 of these essences, 1 of these”. It was the only bright thing.

Not so bright – spending probably 500 gold on essences, using some old ones and then spending some Wisps to get more Ithilien essences. However, it paid off: Stormsong is now equipped with modern jewellery: earrings, necklace and pocket items from Wastelands jewellery, rings and braceletes from flower jewellery. Critical rating is normal, other stuff is as good as it should be. And I even have some spare reputation items left.

Of course, it came at a price: Naktieskarys and Vytautaz are really under-equipped. Tier 7 essences, flower/crafted armour, outdated jewellery. But Vytautaz does a good fight and Naktieskarys performs well too.

Grumpy side: I would be forced to purchase missing 2 (Year 9 and Year 10) paper craps. I won’t be able to finish Year 10. I won’t get ANY freakin’ reward for ANY of Scavenger deed: they are impossible to finish solo by any free player. I really wish something bad happens to all developers.

And so the dark, grumpy day has ended: no Featured Instances, no hope of anything nice, just hopeless dark – to the great joy of our retarded developers.