Lord of the rings online

…and this time it was different. Featured instance groups were active. First, Stormsong ran, of course experienced power problems (blue bar depleting too quickly). Overall it was really good, my AoE attacks were handy. Then – Naktieskarys, shing-shing Champion. Run was half good, since Glinghant is mostly ranged fight. Third – Vytautaz. He performed really better than Naktieskarys (except energy replenishing with Second wind), almost no health problems.
Loot was good – Anfalas scrolls, some Journal crates, valuable Host of the West reputation items, especially low ones.

Crafting: Naktieskarys crafted +500 reputation items (still have 8 recipes, all thanks to Kinship), then low reputation. Waiting for +35 low-reputartion cooldown. Stormsong crafted low reputation – but got high one instead, cursed critical success. Waiting for +35 low-reputation cooldown. Vytautaz crafted some Cook reputartion emblems.

Today we would have Year 9 Scavenger quest. I don’t wat for this one. probably we will get just another lame “/fart in face of Theoden”, “collect remembrances somewhere in Middle Earth”, “run shop-only skirmishes” things.

And so the day has ended, it was good – I am on my way to getting 100 Anfalas scrolls for each toon. The day has been godo in Lotro.