Lord of the rings online

Game became a bit lazy. There are almost no Featured Instance groups. I tried to locate one – missed one, then  – got silence. Finally, we made Kinship run, finished everything and I got some Anfalas scrolls and Crafting journal box.

Managed to help one player with Garth Agarwen:Arboretum instance. It was really quick.

Bartered 2 rings (Flower set), now need only one thing: to locate needed Essences. I am bit low on them, so would need some income + advice. Or, should I need specific ones – craft them.

Low reputation items crafting: transferred some stuff to Stormsong. Now I must just wait and after that – craft, craft, craft.

Tomorrow we would have Scavenger hunt. I really do not wait for it. Easy to predict: once again “collecty remembrances somewhere” or “show /fart emote in front of Theoden”.  The only thing I want is this hunt to end, receive some stuff from these pages and forget it.

And so the day has ended – a bit stagnated in Lotro.