Lord of the rings online

Featured instance – this time Glinghant in Annuminas. One that probably suits ranged units. Good for Minstrel, not so shiny for Champion. Did all 4 runs on two toons. The only problem was mana issued – always ran out of it. Of course, challenge was not for me: I am AoE type and challenge calls for “no AoE”. I told – “no AoE – grumpy Minstrel”. However, we were victorious. I earned some Anfalas scrolls, War materials, trash essences.

It was my first time that I managed to use Dagorlad Jewellery journal and worthless Obsidian. Asked kinnies if someone could craft me +35 low level item collection – one nice person responded. I had all materials, Now, I have some 120 low level materials, need some 60 more…and then rush to barter 2 earrings. Then, Wasteland jewellery would be complete. Of course, I won’t stop then. Would need flowers, crafting materials, low and high level reputation items.

Then – question about necklace/rings. I have some flower jewellery, but have too little quality Essences. Anorien boxes were deleted long ago. Re-craft ? use existing tier 7 Greater ones?

And so, the day has ended: quite succesfull in Lotro.