Lord of the rings online

Weekend was busy. I was crafting low-level reputation items, running Featured instance, collecting flowers, bartering stuff.

Featured instance runs were a bit passive: sometimes I could make only 2 per day. Rewards were kind of nice though and I was good both as Minstrel and Champion.  the hardest part: take those 2 monsters far from each other. I could not manage to draw their attention. However, we won and I looted many nice things.

Then, it was high time for Wastelands jewellery. I calculated: some 320 high level items and 80 low-level. Seemed pretty logic. Well, in fact it was: 80 high level and 320 low level items. Crafting madness began, sometimes I purchased things for 30 gold. Then, I exchanged high lvl items to low lvl ones…and at the end of the day bartered second Wasteland jewellery item. Kinship as always was really kind to advice. Once again, removing Critical rating and Vitality, trading them for Morale and Will. Later, would add much Tactical Mastery and Will.

Now, I have 2 Wasteland jewellery items and enough high-lvl items. All I need is to craft some 120 low-level reputation things. Then, my re-equipment would be complete. Maybe I could use some flower jewellery (rings)…maybe not.

I enjoy when I have some purpose in Lotro, be it crafting or grinding for reputation or running same Warg pens for task items. Soon, I will re-equip one toon, then start flower/resource grinding for other.

And so the weekend has ended. It was quite a success in Lotro.