Lord of the rings online

We have Scavenger hunt year 8 – this time it’s Gimli. I really did not expect anything good: Legolas was just not doable.

I was wrong. Gimli is doable, soloable. We have his quest line to visit places dear to him: from meeting Lady Galadriel to observing book about ill-fated expedition to Moria. I really enjoyed one quest (not done yet): kill 42 Orc in Helms deep battles. Yes! Final proof Dwarf axe is superior to Elven bows. So far I went Gloin to bow to him, visited places in Rivendell, visited Lothlorien and for some reasons – Barrows near Bree. Gathered remembrances there and here.

Of course, some instances: Galadriel’s mirror, for some reason – Hytbold battle, stand before Saruman. All should be soloable which is good. Most of them are interesting, not frustrating (good too).

Some kinnies complain “it is too easy”. Not valid complaint, thing may be too hard only. If it is easy – good, everyone does, everyone is happy of quests.
Just not about rewards. I will get…pig as reward. Dear developers, what are you smoking? A cosmetic shield with Dwarven emblem may be nice, just not cow, pig. What would we get next time, an overgrown Cocroach?

However, despite minor setback – Year 8 quest is good, nothing to complain about. Looks like no paywall, no forced things.

We spoke about developers and how they do not think about players. Sometimes I really wish I could advice developers on how content is doable from single f2p player perspective. But they won’t listen to anything, except fanboys. Yeas, only know they started to listen to feedback about mitigations. Only now and only about mitigations. They don’t want to hear any non-fanboy opinion about other things.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro. Waiting to finish Year 8 stuff.