Lord of the rings online

It was a short day in Lotro. Stormsong crafted stuff, then did Featured instance runs. Loot was mediocre. Naktieskarys crafted stuff (i.e. low reputation items),  Then I moved to Wastelands: harvested Dagorlad crap deposits, took every flower and had to fight some monsters. I am low on Violet/Gold extracts for crafting journals – but these are grindable.

Game had new update, the only part is Vitality becomes important once again. So far little of changes concerns me. I am a bit alarmed when I hear SSG is going to “balance” essences – they work nice, all they need is to get rid of Minor ones, make essences/essence armour unavailable to lvl.85-95 and maybe take out those that are almost not used. Other than that – no changes are needed, system works good.

Also, looks like developers announced “no more slots for essences on armour” policy. Looks bad. In their place I would introduce 2 sets: a) class set with, say, 3 slots and some cool statuses; b) universal set with, say, 5 slots and almost no additional statuses. Let players choose…but at this point Turbine failed, SSG fails and would fail.

Black desert online

A new mmo, deal-breaker etc. Mmorpg.com score is nice (8.2). Players’ reviews are nice, almost everyone praises. Nice combat, crafting, immersive world, good housing…even B2P model is not so bad (especially with that 40% discount).

But there is no tabbed targeting, u have to move your toon, dodge/shoot in real time, so you have to move a lot and depend upon combos. That killed BDO for me. Sorry, tabbed targeting is the only nice choice…

And so the day has ended – effective and good in Lotro.