Lord of the rings online

Lost temple runs were nice: short, effective. Loot was mediocre, but main thing was Crafting journal box. I chose weaponsmith, so that Naktieskarys could craft. He did: one +500 item and one +100 item. The last ones seems to be more valuable.

Stormsong ran Featured instance and then stopped. I needed to equip my Armour of Ithilien seeker. Needed help with essences, asked Kin. As always, kinnies helped with discussion what I need, what do I prefer and adjusting advices.

I asked questiobn after question, from “pick essence A or B?” to “what to do with used armour?”. At the end it turned out I lacked one essence. Could use tier 8 Major or Tier 7 Greater. When kinnie knew, he just sent me Supreme tier 8. Just because I needed one. Asked about repayment – nothing. I offered crafting ingredients, solvents – once again nothing. Well, I do hope I could repay somehow.

When we talked, he told me if I lack something, he may send me that. I lack advice, it it valuable more than gold and mithril. You can get things if you grind enough, advice is more valuable. Our Kinship really shines with that.

Now, my Minstrel is almost good. Yes, I have too much Critical rating (some 20.000 instead of 17.500) and less Morale, Will, Tactical mastery (easy to replace, sacrifying one Essence reclamation scroll).

Today we have yet another maintenance – some things are adjusted, some stuff fixed. Mordor is ahead, level cap increase confirmed (yay!).

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.