Lord of the rings online

We have new Featured instance: The Lost Temple. A 6-man instance with some mazes. Long, yet doable. Ran it on Stormsong and Naktieskarys. Frist run – with Kinship. They were running so fast that I could not make it to them (yes, thanks to PC lag too!). Sometimes action was so swift I could just look. And one time I got killed, just because of stuff happening too fast. Loot was half-nice: some valuable Host of West reputation items, some Anfalas scrolls and trash essences.
Naktieskarys had better luck – group was not rushing so heavily. One time killed, loot – once again, Host of West items, Anfalas scrolls.

I talked in Kinship chat and they reminded me (after I assured I am not trolling) that all those phials from Wastelands are for crafting journals. A-a-a-ah! So all I needed was one barter session. OK, Stormsong used remaining 24 recipes. My inventory was half-full. It was time for reputation run.

I used Tomes of reputation acceleration. Then, bartered for faction items (weapons, armour, provision). Needed some 80 items for Kindred – with using tomes, of course. Rewards were nice: Lotro points, them Infused Ithilien essence boxes and ability to barter some nice jewellery.

Now, one really big thing is done. I could just sit, craft and one nice day barter for HoW jewellery. Of course, I would be low on low-level ones (only one can be crafted each 18 hours) and only Weaponsmith & Scholar are of any use.

But – big task is done, rewards earned. This week is simple: Featured instance runs on all 3 toons; small reputation items crafting; Wasteland essence grind to make sure Naktieskarys uses all recipes. ANd try not to think about Scavenger quests,these would be evil again, I guess.

And so, the day has ended. Really quick and good in Lotro. I’m satisfied and not grumpy now.