Lord of the rings online

There was little activity in Lotro. Featured instance is too long, too problematic and with so little rewards. Scavenger quests got succesfully cancelled. And I was low on crafting journals.

Naktieskarys went to grind Anorien ore – grinded and grinded, gathered flowers (Bells Dale gave only 1 rare extract). Senseless activity.  Then talked in /Trade chat offering to exchange existing Metalsmith and Jewellery journals to Scholar ones. Nobody responded, nobody needed. I asked in Kin chat if journals were of zero rarity.

Well, one super nice kinnie responded – oh, I will mail you. Another kinnie followed. I got 14 (!) crafting journals, sent 14 back…and then rushed to Stormsong. Crafted all I could, then crafted low-reputation item. Switched to Vytautaz, bought crafting item, crafted Provisions, then to Naktieskarys and crafted low lvl reputation item. After that it was a time of shopping: bought some small reputation acceleration tomes and bartered almost 150 at Skirmish camp.

To make things better, Stormsong reached Kindred with Host of the West, bartered few skills (return to Hen-Annun and Ostgiliath after battle).

Now, I must prepare for one big jump: use accelerators, barter items and use them. Some 200,000 xp worth of tomes should bring me to Kindred with at least 2 factions (for all 3 I need 255.000). Then – hundreds of barter items too to get some nice jewellery.

My Kinship is superb. I really wish I could repay somehow, offer something folks may need or do something…yet so far there is nothing.

Thought about purchasing latest quest pack. 795 Lotro points, income – some 80 (reputation excluded) which means total loss. I see nothing interesting, though kinnies find some nice activity.

I complained about my feeling in Lotro. Game is losing his aura to me. Every new quest pack is not good for me. Scavenger quests are heavily pay-to-win and forced fellowship, some are impossible to do. And I cannot find any other game to play. Kinie told I need immersion. Maybe…and can’t find one.  No idea what to do, I do need to do something…yet what?

And so weekend ha ended. Grey and bit boring with no ideas what to do except Featured instance.