Lord of the rings online

Scavenger year 7! Naktieskarys rushed to take all the quests, since all were doable. Or so it seemed.

First – “This time with Feeling II”. Once again, pay-to-win philosophy, once again stupid “perform emote on monster”. Those who had not purchased every single instance/skirmish – would fail.

Second: Legolas chapter. Go there, do that, kill something…untill you run into Mummak. Kill one. Just easy. Mummak has 420.000 health, you would have some 20.000. Mummak’s AoE attack equals to a least 16.000, your – about 5000. My Champion was killed with 2 hits. Next time I was wiser, did not use ranged attacks, avoided AoE…and hardly ran away from Mummak.
It was impossible to kill. No matter what I do, I inflict almost no damage. The weakiest Mummak attack is equal to my strongest. I am no match in terms of health, power, attack strenght. Even if I gathered, say, 5 melee players – we would fail. The only chance is to gather some 100 players and pray that 10 of them survives.

Kinship offered help. I refused. There is no chance I could solo it. There is no chance developers would understand it or even start playing game.

What would happen? Today I will cancel 2 of 3 quests since they are impossible for my red line champion.

Note to developers: for some time I thought about 1 month subscribing, then rushing through most content. Yesterday I dismissed this stupid thought. Kudos, developers, you just lost possible 15$.

Standing Stone Games is just piece of crap that are experts on creating epic fails and stinky craps. Developers are just narrow-minded persons that never played game as simple player.  Narrow-minded persons that enjoy when players are in despair (BDSM fans?). Ones who never read any opinion other that fanboys screams.

I am angry and disappointed with Lotro, especially Scavenger hunts. My days are grey and bad. Again.