Lord of the rings online

Stormsong used the last Crafting journal box. Crafted one single-use recipe item and one low-level reputation item. I have ingredients, I have single-use recipes (almsot 40). All I lack are crafting journals. If next week we have good Featured instance, I will get some of them.

Naktieskarys just grinded Anorien ore I will need many of it.

One kind kinnie asked if I am to join one instance. But it is new content (after Dol Amroth) which I am boycotting. Sorry, I dislike this grumpy+hard content, I do not enjoy it, it would never pay off: any reason to purchase it? Kinnie is right when she tells I may enjoy fellowship…but how do I enter instance without purchasing content?

Also visited my own house and Kinship (The Grumpy Kin) house. Well, there is still much work to do with decorations. New options to rotate items are really nice. So, just some fantasy, coins and maybe some nice advice.

Today we would have Scavenger hunt, year 7. Some folks on forums are not satisfied: claim rewards are lame (cow + some cosmetics) and content “is challenging”. Challenging – the worst word for me, I do not want it in mmos.

However, I have to wait for today and see how Year 7 looks like.