Lord of the rings online

The day without FI. Stormsong crafted reputation items and forgot to turn in task items. Naktieskarys went to post-battle Ostgiliath and grinded Anorien ore + occasional flowers. Why flowers? Just because flowers, who knows when I am going to need them.

And then one kinnie asked if I needed any Host of the West recipes. The answer was – probably no. Explanation: one toon has enough materials, but no recipes. The other has recipes, but is low on materials. And neither has crafting journals. I was sent some 40 recipes (!) – enough to grind reputation to the top. Now, would need some 40 journals…My Kinship is nice, as always – a pity I do not have such huge amounts of extra stuff.

Tomorrow we will have Scavenger hunt, year 8 – it would give me some nice job to do and Lotro forums would once again guess what those scraps of paper are  for. Whatever they are for, I need 2 sets of them – one for Naktieskarys, another for Stormsong.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.