Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did some Norcrofts quests – easy ones, I tend to fail “Dressage”. Now, I could barter reputartion, reach Kindred (another 20 Lotro points) and rebuild what’s left.

Traditional summit discussing how the war should go. Some people side with Theoden, some want to go to war…once again, messenger arrives, most of Reeves die, I finally get title of Reeve of Hytbold/Eastemnet. Mission complete: Hytbold rebuilt, Reeves killed, title received.

Stormsong crafted (boring!). Also managed to aid one player. He was Dwarf and Minstrel – I felt compeleed to aid. His intensions was to “reach lvl.105 today”…still we ran few Warg Pens. Finally, he was lvl. 105 and could enjoy flower grind / end game crafting grind. Also, crafted one single-use crafting recipe for other player.

Featured Instance: Flight to the lonely mountain. Hard raid that does not pay off. It means my toons have nothing to do now…only wait for Scavenger hunt year 7.

My two goals are achieved. Now, up to Anorien grind and crafting mega-grind. let us hope Scavenger would be…more interesting.

And so the day has ended, bit boring in Lotro.