Lord of the rings online

Weekend was good one. First of all – Featured instance, one I really like. Group is easy to find, then just out-dps and loot. Speaking about loot, it was quality one. ValuableHost of the West reputation items. Crafting journals. One time – Universal solvent.

Host of the west reputation item crafting is going good. I finally used last of single-use Scholar recipe. Now, I no longer need Scholar journals – must focus on Weaponsmith ones and do not forget to grind Anorien ore.

Vytautaz has last Hytbold faction to grind reputation with. I am employing simple tactic: grind tokens, then buy reputation to Kindred. I do not care about “Aiding….” deed completion. Maybe one day will do it – not now though. Hytbold and Featured instance aside – was busy with crafting. Finally managed to max Cook and Farmer, bot are Anorien top levels. It was nice to use freebie – crafting accelerator.

Still angry on the World chat, still not helping. I have Windstorms, her vault is some 38/120 – so, almost empty. She has few tomes I could sell and reputation items I could sell too.

Now, my crafting is basically done. One goal achieved. Next goals are very simple:
1) Reach Kindred with remaining faction and rebuild Hytbold. Terms: this week;
2) If FI is effective – grind every day, all runs on all 3 toons;
3) Start grinding Anorien ore and finish Weaponsmith single-use HoW reputation recipes. Terms: this week;
4) IF no quality Featured instance – start crafting low-reputation Host of the West items on Stormsong and Naktieskarys.

And so, weekend has ended, it was good and effective in Lotro.