Lord of the rings online

Yes, we finally have Scavenger hunt, Year 6 quests. I ran Featured instance on two toons, then switched to Scavenger.

This week Scavenger hunt is a nice one. Doable for free players. One quest us ti visit Pipin’s places – from Great Smials to not-so-great Moria and even pre-battle Minas Tirith. It is doable and even enoyable (except grumpy Minas Tirith and Slag hills). Then, we are to visit Taverns and Inns in (mostly) Rohan, gather Remembrances and, of course, drink. At the end my toon was really drunk – and Dwarves are good drinkers… Thirs quest is to pet (/pat) animals. Tricky one – only ones with yellow names count and they are really scattered throughout Middle Earth.

My runs were quick, I spent lots of money on Swift travel. Pipin’s tasks were kind of easy, except laggy Minas Tirith. I enjoyed gazing and Orthanc stone – it was really impressive.  Tavern run – well, sometimes I had to ask for help. Most interesting thing was to visit 2 taverns in Woodhurst: one normal, another – DUnlending one. In the last, I intentionally killed 2 Dunlendings. Why? Just to show who the real Master was…

Animals are tricky. Some can be met easily, some are to be found in North Downs, Angmar, Gondor. I am still doing this quest.

Rewards should be nice, two cosmetic animals, sheep and something else.

Overall – quests are done good. If only developers would exclude laggy Pelenor fields and Minas Tirith! These lag and offer no fun, just frustration.

Featured instance runs are good. I am getting Host of the west reputation items, crafting journals. Stormsong crafts both (+500 and +100) reputation things, kinnies keep telling I will still need +100 items.

World chat was full of “who could help?” things, but so far I am not responding. Sorry, guys, you turned bline ear on me when I really needed aid. Perhabs later I will resume aid, just now.

In short, the day was short, yet good, I enjoy both Scavenger quests and Featured Instance. The days are once again bright in Lotro.