Lord of the rings online

Once in old times we had a movie for children with song – “Only wind, sky and sun / Joy of flight ahead”. Almost the same is in Lotro for me this week.

Featured instances are really quick and effective. I keep getting good loot: Host of the West reputation items, crafting journals (and some worthless essences, but these can be sold for 1 gold). And so far I find almost no problem with locating FI group. Also, valuable Anfalas scrolls are being hoarded for future use.

Second, my crafting. Stormsong crafts Host of the West reputation items succesfully,s he is really good at that. Vytautaz maxed Westemnet farmer and cook. Now – up to Anorien which would be efficient too.

Third, Hytbold dailies are doing just perfect. Combining earning reputation and bartering it does miracles. Soon, Hytbold would be rebuilt.

To make things better, today we have new Scavenger hunt, so my Naktieskarys would have some job to do – remembrances to gather, places to visit, maybe monsters to kill.

And so, the day was over and I was really satisfied with Lotro.