Lord of the rings online

Had very little time to play, but still managed things to do.

Featured instance (Sword Hall) runs were succesfull. Looted Anfalas scrolls, some tier 8 essences, valuable Host of the West reputation items. Strangely enough, was able to sell 2 trash essences (real value – some 26 silver) for 1 gold. The main good news are: Naktieskarys finally maxed his Legendary item, called The Grumpy Rune.

I really like Featured instance. It is fast, effective, loot is good. Now, I can start hoarding Anfalas scrolls just in case they increase level cap. Or to sell. Or to use on bridles, should I need to craft lvl.100 one.

Vytautaz is doing Wold and Norcrofts dailies. Yes, these two Hytbold districts should wait for a while.

And so, I had enough activity and the day has been really good in Lotro.