Lord of the rings online

New Featured instance and this is (not Sparta!) – Sword halls of Dol Guldur. Finally, some good instance. Managed to run with all 3 toons and looted some nice stuff: Host of the West reputation items, Anfalas scrolls, even 1 crafting journal. Both Minstrel and Champions performed good.

Vytautaz did Hytbold dailies, then bought (i.e. bartered) reputation with one faction. +20 Lotro points, rebuild one more district.  Hytbold is going very well, soon I will finish it. Since had some time today – crafted Cook guild emblems with Vytautaz, also maxed Westemnet Cook.

Stormsong crafted Host of the West reputation item – both single use recipe and one with 18 hours cool down. I will be more efficient this way, since recipes are nearly impossible to get.

Naktieskarys ran some Warg Pens runs and even managed to sell one trash essence. I thought I would have to delete it…yet somebody needed tier 8 Major essence. As long as it is above vendor, it’s good. Also, played with outfits – equipped my toon with powerfull cosmetic weapon – giant spoon. Oh gosh, it looked really cool in combat…

This week is promising for me. I have enough activities: run 6 Featured instances; max Naktieskarys’ legacies and then hoard Anfalas scrolls for future updates; do Hytbold dailies; gather Host of the west crafting materials; craft reputation items; run Warg Pens for task items. Oh yes, and aid kinnies should they need help.

So far I am not offering help to the World chat:still angry on them. Besides, they are busy with endless wars on politics: slavery, Trump, religion/atheism. In developers’ place I would ban all talks on politics in public chats. Wanna wage war? Feel free to do it in your private channel.

And so, the day has ended: I felt really happy with Lotro.