Lord of the rings online

I have finally finished 5th Year quests. Had to visit Pelenor and Minas Tirith after battle – these bad lag areas. Ran through High halls to find Marie, found somehow in her bed. Then, lakes – Moria and some others, gathering remembrances. One more [Scrap Paper] to my collection.

And then, I found I have nothing to do. Naktieskarys ran Warg pens untill first boss. Vytautaz did Hytbold quests, this time focusing on Entwade. Stormsong just did nothingm, except random resource gathering/task items turn-in.

And then it was one sad event. I wanted to take Beacon of Eaworth quest, asked in World chat for aid. One player responded…only to tell me like “I will cooperate, but not help”. Others were silent, although there was one player right next to me.

Nobody helped. I waited and waited – no answers. Quest cancelled, I threw “It was impossible anyway” and left the town. Well, another player decided to troll me – “I am on ther top of beacon, it is possible”. Thanks for “help” dear player. Thanks for hostile feelings, World. It was hard for me. I always offer help if I physically can. Now, all I get for it approach like “get off, scum, we hate you”.

My response, most probably, would be – at least for some time – offer no help.

However, I must not give up. We would have new Anniversary quests on Thursday and maybe Featured instance would be something easier. Things may turn better, I guess, in Lotro.