Lord of the rings online

Finally, Scavenger hunts day! Naktieskarys rushed to take quests. This time I was able to take all of them.

Remembrances collecting is about lakes – in Bree land, then “at the shores of Evendim” (completely ignoring Annuminas and all shores N of it), Forochel etc.  I was a bit nervous about that, but folks say – Foundations of Stone are worse. Another quest asked to do instances. Most were in Rivendell, some – in Evendim and Angmar. Two are really bad – Seven swords and Trap for the Creature, but I hope to do. For swords, I would really need aid (impossible to solo), for creature – just luck (if game gives me…). Anyway, quests are doable, though not interesting. Yet it is still activity and I am satisfied with it.

Of course, give such great ideas to wise developers – you would receive a miracle. A set of doable, interesting quests that brings you to long forgotten lands that are easy to do and yet reminds you the greatness.

There was no more activity. Even Vytautaz did not do Hytbold quests. Scavenger first, everything else later.

And so the day has ended. It was quite good in Lotro.