Lord of the rings online

Somehow I thought it was Thursday (it wasn’t), so Naktieskarys left without doing anything.

Vytautaz did Hytbold quests: 4 in Snowbourn, 1 in Entwade. I had some 150 Hytbold tokens, so decided to barter and gain Kindred with Sutcrofts. It succeeded, I received Lotro points and could barter “Return to Snowbourn” skill. Also, Kindred unlocked new rebuilding quests – finally, Sutcrofts district is completely new. Unlike half-burned Wold one…

We also had some nice rants in World chat. Exposed the real truth about evil.  Sauron was just a servant of Primal Evil – the hobbitses. Hobbitses were smart enough to get One Ring, then manipulate others. The war began, involving all races – guess what, all but Hobbitses. Two Hobbitses who could have saved Middle Earth, were brainwashed and sent away. And in Grey Havens, Sauron would regain his strenght and return to rule. That’s, folks, the real truth about Primal evil – i.e. hobbits.

Today we would have new Scavenger quests. I am really happy to receive 2 more quests.