Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys was passive one. Festival is over, no new Scavenger quests. I stood, ranted in World chat (this time about cooking Hobbitses…). One Warg Pens run, only to loot Wasteland taskboard items.

Stormsong noticed Tome of Will-9 in Auction house. I asked kinnies, they told me price was cheap. I purchased tome for 101 gold, immediately used it and also Tome of Will-10, 11, 12 that were in my shared vault. Yes, now my Minstrel is better and needs Fate to increase (well, also I could sell Tome of Will should I get one…). Once again, kinnies were nice to advice and even offer money. Money is not a big problem, since I tend to sell (not trash) lootboxes.

Vytautaz returned to Hytbold. I did some quests, rebuilt some things…rest content is locked behind Kindred reputation. Need some 20,000 to reach Kindred with Snowbourn faction (and barter Return to Snowbourn). I enjoy rebuilding Hytbold: it’s really good to see how town is brought from ruins, how citizens return and even crafting dungeons are open (no dungeons for my Farmer, Tailor, Cook). I know I would rebuild it, get Kindred to all local factions, get titles and Lotro points.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro. Pity Festival ended, I wish I had more time to grind for some stuff…but we would have another festival after all…