Lord of the rings online

The last day of festival! Naktieskarys felt realy relaxed, did 2-3 quests and that was it. No need to wait, to launch etc.  Then, did one Warg pens run, looted some task board items, sent them to Stormsong.
One nice kinnie sent Ithilien essences of will, supreme ones (!). Very nice thngs, would use them soon.
There was only one player needing help – but it was too late for me. A pity.
Stormsong crafted Host of the West reputation items. I am good with materials on Scholar…and bit low on recipes. On Weaponsmith, I am low on resources and good on recipes.

Vytautaz did Hytbold quests. I have rebuilt everything I could at pre-Kindred level. Now, just need to reach Kindred with Snowbourn, get “return to…” skill and abandon Snowbourn for good.I really like Hytbold.

Festival ended, a bit too early and I did not barter everything I wanted. Naktieskarys left without some crystals, but with nice mounts instead.

Featured instance is Seat of Great Goblin, something that seems really hard to me, so – no FI this week.

And so the day has ended. Few days of leisure, then – Year 5 Scavenger quests on Naktieskarys and Vytautaz.