Lord of the rings online

Anniversary festival ends today, so my Naktieskarys had to work hard. Stand in Bree, do every single quest, get  that tokens. I needed 260 Anniversary tokens, so had to try my best.
Saturday and Sunday were just hard labour. Stand, wait, do every quest, count how much more tokens left. At the midnight of Sudnay – I had 260 tokens, basically all thanks to 3 firework launches within 1 Lotro night and tokens from envelope quest (yeah, also delivery quest, tried it once).
Rushed to barterer…only to notice I already had a goat, so some 20 tokens were wasted. But I managed to purchase ANniversary steed and full set of steed cosmetics. My run was over. Yes, I sacrificed Anfalas crystals for mounts and cosmetics, but do not regret that.
Managed to do several Featured instance runs, looting crafting journals, Host of the West reputation items, some tier 8 essences that I auto-destroy.
Crafted some Host of the West reputation items. Now, all I have to do is to grind enough stuff, craft many of them…and the rush to Kindred, using all status tomes and run for goldemn jewellery.

And so weekend has ended – full of activity and overall good in Lotro.