Lord of the rings online

Yes, Year 4 quests are there. This time they are about Aragorn. Go there, pick this, visit that, remember reforging of Narsil and finally – smoke in Prancing Pony. Another quest was about killing Orcs from various tribes and colecting memories. Accidentaly did some of these. Third one is, of course, pay-to-win. Yeap, directly meaning pay to win: skirmishes, most of them are purchasable ones.

Developers are making one mistake after another and since forum is for fanboys only – they receive no realistic feedback.  Now they want to monetize everything. I would not be surprised if next year we receive quest pack “Anniversary” for, say, 999 Lotro points. After all, fireworks and envelopes in Bree are still free, right?

World chat was not happy of this, Kin chat too. Yet developers won’t listen and fanboys would continue to tell, like parrots: “Content good, you bad, developers right”.  Of course, I won’t purchase anything they are pushing: I am not to surrender to such agressive actions. If content is quality one, I would purchase it. If it is uninteresting or just bad – I won’t purchase it no matter what.

Which means I should purchase some of these Scraps of Paper, just in case. That’s what “fun” in Lotro means: grind and buy for inflated prices.

However, as long as we have festival, I can do firework/envelope quests, get mounts and cosmetics.


Played a bit. Archer performs almost good, though now I do lack defense. No chats I can use, almost no help I could ask. yet, I can travel in this tiny shiny world, that’s what matter.

And so the day has ended, it was good in Lotro (despite pay-to-win Nniversary quests. Developers, please stop smoking whatever weed you are smoking…)