Lord of the rings online

No activity, just firework quests with Naktieskarys. Stormsong just took some stuff from shared vault and discussed equipment questions. Kinnies advice:
a) not to change existing Supreme tier 8 essences with Greater wild ones;
b) go for Wasteland golden jewellery
c) if I have newer equipment – replace existing, stuff with Wild ithilien essences.

Advices are obviously wise and good, I would follow them. Kinnies know the best.

Of course, we have plenty activity in Kinship, there are raids all the time. Can hardly remember day without them – just I can’t participate.



Yesterday fought, had to kill Owls (and I like owls in real life), was killed few times. Global chat is only from lvl.15, yet spambots still spam channels.

Asta is a game if you have 20 minutes in the morning: game you do not have any story, good or bad. A game where you don’t need to read quest text, just mindlesly run and kill, seeing “?” and “!” marks. Game without any sould, but at last free one.

And yeah, it managed to to launch, freezing at character selection…

And so the day has ended. I must pay more attention to Lotro which I would do next days.