Lord of the rings online

Busy. Naktieskarys was really busy with Anniversary, firing fireworks, collecting lost invitations. Finally, final activity deed was completed! Now I may do quests for my own pleasure…and grind those tokens!

Well, because of mounts and their cosmetics. I had a choice – Anfalas crystals or nice cosmetics. Kinnies adviced to go for mounts and cosmetics, which means 260 tokens. I think it’s a good choice: I can always barter crystals.

Tried to help one player, but this was daily quest in Eregion and i did not have infused stone (tens in vault) – had to retreat. Also, ran one Featured instance and farmed Wastelands.

In World chat we had fun – once again, talking about “alternativr facts” concerning Sauron. He wasn’t bad, he wished good: multicultural society, then securing peace with Rohan and Dunlendings. Of course, Grima the Noob spoiled everything. Outsorcing – concluded folks in chat – failed. So, we ranted and joked and it was really fun.

One very kind kinnie once again helped me with Essence system – what to replace with what. Things seem to be quite understandable and advice is really helpfull.

Vytautaz did Year 1 and Year 2 Scavenger hunts, hoarding valuable Papers. Rumour is, we would receive something nice for them.



Still playing. Controls are bad. Enviroment is too shiny, monsters are mostly peacefull (yellow means they do not intend to harm you). I left one zone, went to another – still no impressions. Yes, world is shiny shiny, it still has no story, leveling is easy, rewards are mostly good. Archer is nice, yet I see its shortbacks – yet Mage, Healer are inferior to Archer.

I do not take crafting schools, because do not know which one. Armour/weapons? or armour/jewellery? or weapons/jewellery? Chat had no suggestions.

Developers decided chat is from some level only. Not 12, because I still can’t use global chat (trade – yes, I can). It did not stop gold sellers though.

Community: not very toxic, yet not too friendly. Already met one Lithuanian player.

Conclusion: good place to kill some time in shiny senseless world.

And so the day has ended, life was really good in Lotro.